Liza Piper is a visual artist born and raised in Philippines along the beautiful Zambales coast. She lives in Massachusetts where she earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts and worked as a book designer for an educational publisher in Back Bay Boston for straight 15 years. Since 2007, she has pursued photography as a self-study in her spare time.

She enjoys a good challenge and thrives in delivering well-thought-out solutions. Her methodology are the following steps: deconstruct, analyze, experiment, and construct. The practice of critical thinking through her Art History courses has benefitted her approach in design. 

Photography is her form of meditation. Her aesthetics is influenced by her interest in the dualities of life. With her high-sensitivity to the energy of the person or the environment, her images are able to bring in the viewer as voyeurs. Her background in Art History have a strong effect in her work. That said, Eastern Philosophy, Caravaggio, Chihuly are her influences.

Lifelong Learning
1. Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

  • With Kurt Iswarienko for Cinematic Portraits in 2018.

2. HBS Online (rebranded from HBX) CORe Certified | Harvard Business School

  • She completed a rigorous 10-week business course certification in Summer 2016.

  • Combined three courses in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting.

3. Maine Media Workshop + College. 

  • With educator George DeWolfe (who studied under Ansel Adams) in 2014.

4. Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

  • With sought-after educators, Arthur Meyerson in 2013 and Mary Virginia Swanson in 2014.

Other Creative Activities
There are three communities she has volunteered as a photojournalist for a few years as side projects: Filipino Catholic, Boston & Cambridge LGBTQ, and Bellydance New England.